Then Came the Night

It’s now the night portion of my blog… Left the Makati at around 930 pm and at met up at Tiendesitas with Mascy, Raquel and Cig at around 10 pm… Dinner was at Red Kimono in the area… then came Eunice, Stephen and Ben… and finally MJ and Blue… Being low on energy, I just had coffee… in hopes in reviving the vibrant me…
Then came to Alchemy before midnight… we got free entrance c/o contacts of Cig and Raquel… My first time in Alchemy… Despite being exhausted the whole day, I still had a great time owing to the Company of good friends… and of course, the high energy of people around just rubs on…
Had to leave before 130 am as it would cost me overnight parking rate if I didn’t… so was able to leave the carpark before 130 am (real similar to how the day started… just in time)… On my way home, the rain poured so hard and that a lot streets are a bit flooded… thankfully, I was able to reach home and with no damage to my car… hehe… Well, from now, I’m switching from Low Battery to Battery Empty…. Nyt!!!

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