After a Long Day

Was up early today for a plant tour in Subic and Bataan… though as mentioned earlier, just came on time… Left Makati Office past 7 am for the 3+ hours trip to Bataan… Was really on low on energy and was able to catch some sleep along the way… but as things are… it only made things worse… as a few short naps is not as good as a long decent one…

Anyway, past 10 am, we’re already in Bataan for the routine plant tour… Nothing new here as we’ve been doing this for several of our bankers already… Lunch at 12 and meeting… about 1:30pm, we’re on our way to Subic…

It would be the first time in our Subic facility and arrived there at past 3 pm… the facility was really big… and too bad, it’s been such a waste of resources… a good thing though that after rezoning, the area was included as a commercial area… meaning, it can now accomodate other clients aside from manufacturing…

Drop by Duty Free shop in Subic for a little round of shopping… then we headed for Razon’s in Pampanga for Halo Halo and Palabok… and I’ve got a new favorite Razon’s delicacy, their french fries… At 630 pm… We’re on our way to Manila… which was smooth until traffic at Valenzuela… finally arrived in Makati Office at around 830 pm… and it was an end of a long day…

Or so I thought, I just remembered to meet some AGSB friends in Tiendesitas and Alchemy… then comes the long night…


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