For One More Day

I just finished reading For One More Day by Mitch Albom… and thin as it was it took me weeks to finish… I think given his style, you just have to just absorb his works from chapter to chapter… There are some parallelisms with his previous books, Tuesday with Morrie and Five People You Meet in Heaven in the sense that it involved someone on the verge on dying or has an encounter with Death…

Chick Benetto, the centerpiece of the story, was way different from Morrie in the lives they lived… Morrie lived an exemplary life but Chick Benetto had lived a turbulent life… playing in a World Series game… and being lost for a time until he decided to take his life… but failed… and somehow got another day with his mom… which gave him an opportunity to find the right track again…

It would be such a nice experience having one more day with someone you value, especially if they are gone now… but every time I think of it if there was a time I’d want to change or relive… I can’t pick a moment to change or to spend an extra day reliving… somehow, with the value of hindsight… I get to learn that everything that happens good or bad has its purpose… It builds who we are and what we are made of…

Though if there would be a day, I’d want to experience… it would have to be a day of pleasant surprises…


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