Close Shave

I suffered cramps in my left calf muscle… and the worst part of it was that it was during a run in a thread mill at fitness first… it was a good thing that when I felt that my left muscle is about to stiffen, I was able to leap out of the thread mill using my right leg… or it could have been worst being thrown of the thread mill… that could have been quite a scene…

Anyway, several personal trainers came to help me and in a few minutes, I was able to shrugged the cramps and was able to stand up and walk around… I resumed my workout, this time focusing on the chest… after a while I decided to end my work out for the day and drive myself home… good thing the cramps didn’t recur while driving…

The muscle is still a bit sore until now but I guess it’ll be fine in a few days… at least, I get to usedthose Medtex elastic bandages at home… hehe…


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