Some Days Never End

Talk about a long day…

Call time was at 7 am in Makati office to meet our driver for our service to Bataan… then we the picked up Sheila in Ortigas and Jing in QC on our 3-4 hours drive to Bataan… We had to meet the one of the bankers for our credit facility to tour them in our plant facilities in Bataan… The tour is routine by now, since we’ve gone through this exercise for so many times now… Anyway, it was Jing’s first plant tour since she joined Medtecs last week…

The tour went well and the discussions were smooth and lunch in Bataan was fine… on our way back we drop by Razons in Pampanga for a nice round of Halo Halo and Palabok… then it was back to Manila for us… Arrived in Manila at past 6 pm…

And as I dropped by the office to leave my laptop, I was asked to join dinner with the laundry provider of our hospital services line in Hossein in Serendra… A free dinner is not in my list of expectation for the day since I’ve practically spent the whole day traveling… Well, the hospital services has been one of our favorite service line being the main theme of my Strategic Paper in MBA back then so might as well join them… Food was great and Serendra is such a nice place to hangout…

By the time dinner was over, I’m so exhausted that I had second thoughts on driving myself home, which I still did anyway… and was home 1030 pm last night and need I say more what happens after a day which seems to never end…


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