Escape to El Madero

On a long weekend, an escape was such a welcome treat… so the planning was hush hush… yet somehow, we (Me, Mascy, Eunice, Gryf, Cig and Raquel) found ourselves in the massive El Madero Farm and Resort in another AGSB Escapade…

We arrived at around 7 pm, Saturday Night after traffic at SLEX and the long stretches of Star Tollway… You would underestimate the place at night but it was quite a wonder, 100 hectare resort with almost a dozen pools and a portion overlooking taal volcano… Starving the moment we step foot in the place, who wouldn’t be after a long drive… hehe… Anyway, found a way to fulfill our tummies wishes with a dinner at Mr’s Bulalo (sic)… with a nice warm bulalo as the centerpiece of our craving… food was great or were we just hungry??? hehe… maybe it was great… then bought a few drinks on our way back to the resort… It was a fun night and things turned even better after several funny mishaps at the pool… hehe… Nice one Mascy and Eunice… Still continued running on high energy and was able to catch sleep at past 2 am…
Had a simple breakfast the next day and that was the time we knew that the place started with just 8 hectares and now, it’s 100 hectares so had a tour around the place before we went home… We were on our way back at past 1 pm and had our lunch at Leslie’s in Calamba… then at around 3 pm it was our way back to Manila… was able to reach home before 4 pm and after a fun exhausting weekend… I had spent the rest of the day in a nice slumber… hehe… charging up for the next escape…



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