Bits and Pieces

Hacked Attacked!!!

Still feeling the effects of my yahoo account being hacked… such a burden getting to locate all your friends email address again… but the worst part was knowing that one of my friend has been victimized using my yahoo account…

The mode of operation was that the hacker using my yahoo account would inform my friend that I’m in trouble in some place then would request that you send a prepaid card through ym… then the hacker has his fresh set of loads at the expense of my unsuspecting friend… if it helps shut down the hacker, please spread the mode of operation of the hacker. I still not have full access of my friends list though I’ve SMS most of my friends not to fall for this trick. It would help if people would know that there are some hackers operating this way, then unnecessary loss would be avoided…

Sorry again for any damages which may be incurred by the hacker. I’ll try to make up for it someway…

Prison Break to Lazy Day Break

I’ve been bed-ridden all day… not cause I’m sick but because I’ve been stuck in a lazy day syndrome on a holiday doing my time of Prison Break marathon.. Nice series…. Finally, had the guts to go out at four pm… Hey, everybody deserves a lazy day break…

Hellos and Goodbyes

SGV friend She is again off to Cayman to resume her audit career after a two week vacation here… Glad to meet up with here even for just a few hours… Anyway, we’re not really oceans apart but just a phone call away… a bit expensive mode though… Godspeed She!!!

Another SGV friend Donald would be leaving soon for the US… too bad, we won’t be able to visit their place in Coron, Palawan before he leaves… and Donald will (or has already?) tie the knot via civil ceremonies in Pangasinan… Best Wishes Donald… and i hope that there’ll be enough beer for Madz (another SGV friend) in St. Maartens…

Of all the surprises, I got a call from Mike, another SGV friend and batchmate, who’s now in Saudi mentioning of his intention to come back here and quit his job in Saudi… though it’ll be just a stopover as Mike still wants to work outside of the Philippines… but he’ll be a welcome addition to our FAA Bakasyonistas escapades while he is here… Wishing you all the best of luck and see you soon, Mike!!!

New Heroes

It’s a funny thought that Mike called me a hero for staying here in the Philippines… Of course, it used to be that the OFW where the heroes of the economy, sacrificing the warmth of their home for the opportunity to earn more for their respective families… probably in the world of audit, it has been the other way around… Why stay here when there’s a multitude of opportunities to earn so much outside??? Well, as I always say, someone still has to do the job here and even if I can’t give a logical (meaning socially acceptable to all) answer to that, I guess it all boils down to where you are happy… Anyway, we’re all heroes in the economy as we do both have parts to play… OFW infusing dollar and liquidity to the economy and some people making sure that the economy is still running…

An Improved Economy

Another thought that makes me think twice with the recent resurgence of the peso vis-a-vis the dollar was She’s question, when we met, Is there still anybody happy with the strengthening of the peso??? Of course, given that most Filipino household probably has an OFW member… plus the fact that prices didn’t really go down or that there were no major improvement in the infrastructure in the country… Hard to be a critic… but some people view economic growth not by the strengthened peso but increased dispensable income per individual… Wishful thinking states that somehow in the future there can be real economic growth felt by all…

A Busy Week Onward

It’ll be an exhausting week this week with two plant tours for our bankers, Tuesday in our Bataan Plant and Thursday in both our Subic and Bataan plant… Then there’s the audit planning meeting just around the corner… Well, got to go back to my lazy day break to ensure that I’ll have a high energy level for the rest of the week… ciao


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