Definitely not a misprint… Had lunch today with She at Segafredo… SGV friend She was back for a few weeks from Cayman Islands… A good thing that after a few months that she finally decided to come back albeit just a short time…

Anyway, quite predictable for me to prioritize meetting up with old friends even at the expense of work… Late lunch at Segafredo in GB3 and even later eating time due to the slow service at Segafredo… A lot of catching up really… 10 months from the time she left for Cayman… then coffee at Starbucks… then back to where it all started… SGV… FAA and Ms. Carol was not around so we meet Ms. Dolly instead… which also has been a longer catch up since I haven’t been in touch with Ms. Dolly since I left SGV unlike my frequent meetings with FAA… Back in the office at past four… hehe…

She has always been one of my loyal friends and colleagues in SGV… and is one of the easiest people to get along with – a light hearted individual with much passion for life, friends and work… Nice to see her once again… Hopefully, we get to squeeze in a round of bowling with Donald before she leaves early next week… By the way, we had a cameo role from Madrid when we woke up from her nice sleep in St. Maartens from our phone call… hehe… thought of calling Jay Anne… but knowing Jay Anne disrupting her slumber in New York might not be wise thing to do… hehe… Donald will be leaving in a few weeks also for the US.

Somehow, as things have moved on… I’m one of the few who decided to stay here… and as things are… I have a nice career after SGV and somehow an enriching experience with lots of out of the country travels, a decent MBA education and never ending adventures with SGV and AGSB friends… I’ve been like a chain – a link to various colleagues scattered over the world… like a light house that you tend to find in weary times… I’m always around… online or otherwise…At the very least, I have left my imprint…


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