Present at Grad Party this Time

After missing my own Ateneo batch Grad Party last year, I was able to attend this batch (where most of my friends graduated) grad party at Holiday Inn Galeria Suites in Ortigas last Saturday, August 18. Definitely a big party with so much participants. It’s always a celebration when one graduates and I’ve gone a long way since I had earned my MBA degree last year.
Party started at 6 pm and I arrived at 7 pm and people just kept on coming which contributed the festivities for the night. Food and drinks was overflowing for some time before the participants outnumbered the food. hehe… Nice to meet up with Ateneo friends though at most time, there are several get togethers and birthday celebrations along the way.
Another interesting bit of info is that the 2007 would have their hard copy of their yearbook; which leaves poor 2006 batch with only an online yearbook to book wherein you still have to pay to view your own profile. Hopefully, we might as well crash their yearbook with our guest appearance in their yearbook. Hehe.
The party was slated to end to sawa but I had my escape at around 2 am as I still have a lot of sleep to cacth up to end the low batt phase and finaly after a few minutes drive from Ortigas to Makati… then there’s the sleep I’d been looking forward all week… and that comes sweeter after a nice party with a great company to enjoy it with…

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