Still on Low Batt Mode

After an exhausting Cambodia trip… I still have to recharge a bit… so I’m still running under low battery mode… and people like me, probably run on solar power and gets so sluggish when the sun is gone… can’t wait for the weekend to catch a very lengthy sleep…

The rain has poured hard today and the simple joy like going for a nearby fast food for breakfast was denied or else, I’d be soaking wet after… not good for someone who has traces of cough and cold… I’ll just look at the bigger picture then, rain would help fill our hydro-electric dams, which has been in the news as of late for running under low water levels…

Times like this… deserves a nice cup noodles, a blanket and a comfortable bed… yeah… I wish… but I’ll have my grand vacation soon… though I still have to work on my Visa… hehe… Maybe not that soon… at least, there’s two long weekends upcoming this month…


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