Good Earth Meeting

Ok the title is so plain… but the story is more interesting…

Forwarded SMS from Mascy and MJ coming from Owen: “Guys meeting later at good earth, rockwell.” Meeting… just like old times in MBA when you have a group work then you have to prepare for your presentation… Somehow, since we all have bid adieu to our MBA days, the meeting word came out as a surprise… hehe…

Wasn’t really going this time but when I’ve checked my watch, it was too late for round at the gym but too early to go home… so might as well meet up with Ateneo friends in our usual get together place, Good Earth, while the venue was still in Makati…. As of late, get togethers are more common in QC…

In attendance (like school) were Blue and MJ, Chelsea, Mascy, Cig, Owen(at times Mr. Fulo), Annalie and the new and improved Nikki (about 3 seconds of the old Nikki… hehe)… Quite fun to be back in Rockwell again with AGSB friends… A lot of gatherings to look forward to…. Grad Party, Birthdays, Bora and a lot more… Left past 10 pm… and the so-called meeting was still ongoing…

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