HP 5

I’ve reserved tickets for this movie since I was in Taiwan last July 4 via SGV friend Flor… so due to the high demand of Harry Potter in IMAX during weekends at that time… we got a July 22, 2 PM screening date… more than a week after its launch…

After weeks of anticipation, We (Me and AGSB Friends Grace and Alpha) were able to watch Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix finally yesterday… and apparently our anticipation was over hyped as the movie fell short of expectation… the director probably had a hard time fitting in the thick book into a movie… and the big scenes in the book was not as big in the movie version… talk about the death of Sirius Black, which probably had some readers in tears in the book but in the movie it was just empty… but the credit probably goes to J.K. Rowling who has written the book so well that the movie have a hard time duplicating the feat… I also just wished that the scene wherein Fred and George had a fireworks display was in IMAX…

So much for HP5… It’s still has been a refreshing day with friends with lunch at the bedscene with Grace… talk about lunch in bed… Sunday Mass with Grace and Alpha… Crocs hunting with Grace… Dinner and Tea at Market Market… Retired at Home at 11 pm after dropping Grace and Alpha in their respective house… now back to HP7…

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