Yna in Manila

Had a full schedule towards the end of the week last week since my cousin Mng. Becks, My Niece Neeca and my favorite Inaanak, Yna arrived from Hong Kong last Wednesday… Staying as house guests in our unit in Makati… I’m a frequent house guest in Mng Becks house in Hong Kong over the past few years… Yna is 9 years old now… I sure wish she was the cute little 5 year old kid back at Baguio… though at 9 she has still a distinct charm and remains lovable…

It was my first time really to pick up someone in the airport… so didn’t know the procedures really though we were able to pick them up still… it seems that there are more people coming in the Philippines at night as the parking is a bit full… had dinner afterwards at Shakeys in Blue Wave…

They spent their next day at the Mall of Asia where they shopped and watch the IMAX version of Harry Potter… followed them after 530 pm… where Mng Becks spent the rest of the time in the Salon and I toured Yna around the place… Had dinner at Via Mare later…

The last day of their mall tour (hehe…) was Glorietta and Makati Area… for another round of shopping… followed them at 7 pm but was parking was full in both Glorietta and Greenbelt Area… so did the next best thing returned to my office parking space, which is just a few blocks away from the mall and just took a cab to Glorietta… hehe… Had dinner at Tang City in Glorietta later before heading home…

The next day was their time to go back to their home town in La Union… so that’s it for Yna’s visit in Manila… though they’ll still be here until mid of next month before heading back to HK…


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