Breeze to Taipei

The trip was like a breeze… flying in Wednesday night and flying out Early Friday Afternoon… My shortest visit to Taipei so far… but of course, given a choice, I’d rather spend my weekend in the Philippines especially since I’ve been in Taiwan for so many times… though I must admit there’s still a lot of place worth visiting in this Country…

Anyway, I flew in via China Airlines 5pm of July 4, wed… arriving at past 7 pm at the airport and at the hotel an hour later… After settling down a bit, I went for a walk to the nearby Taipei 101, the world’s tallest building to date, and after that had my usual dinner at Mc Donalds (One of my out of the country habits… have a meal at Mc Donalds)… Taipei at night was a nice sight with all its light and the gigantic presence of Taipei 101.. The photo shows a big “I do” sign in the top of Taipei 101… which according to one of my colleagues is that you can actually propose displaying a message in the tallest building.. Of course, this all comes with the usual exhorbitant rates…

The next day was wrapped in meeting and discussing the financials for our half year, which was exhausting yet yielded positive results… Had steak for lunch at Swensens and had dinner in Taiwan’s area equivalent to our divisoria where we met few of our Taiwanese customers for a round of drinks… It’s been a dizzying round as according to our CEO, you have to toast each other for one round, clockwise then another round counterclockwise… and just imagine everybody is obliged to do that… and the drink was not the usual chinese branded beers, which had less alcohol content but heineken… Anyway, survived this night of drinking with my senses still intact… hehe…
The next day was short and quick with breakfast and a short meeting with our CFO and before lunch I had to rush back to the airport for my 150 pm flight back to the Philippines… It’s one of the rare times that I took an afternoon flight so taking that opportunity, upon arriving to the Philippines, I boarded a cab to the nearby duty free and shop a bit… before finally heading back home in Makati.. which was a brief stop for me… in a while I’ll be taking the bus to Baguio where I’m gonna spend my weekend…
As brief as it is, it was a much productive business trip at work; being able to plan ahead before we close our half year announcement of financial results… and now back to my weekend at home… in the next blog to come…

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