Our own Big Night at QC

Finally, I was able to attend another AGSB friends gathering during MJ and Gina’s joint birthday at Times Street in QC last Saturday… It has been a while since I was able to join… missing several dinners at Cig’s bar, good earth and part 2 of the Tagaytay getaway… I sure hope I was missed during those times … hehe… Anyway, glad to be back in the loop…

Call time was at 8, so was present before 9 and I still was among the first who came… hehe… It was well attended with (in order of appearance… as far as I can remember) Gina, MJ, Owen, Mark, Coleen, Me, Jan, Sig, Grace, Anton, Patrick, Mascy, Diane, Bogz, Annalie, Steve and Liza… and of course, the food provided by Blue’s B1 cafe… which was overflowing, and tastes so good… For dessert, Anton brought his home made maja blanca…

Quite a lot of catching up to do… graduation and photo sessions for those who’ll be marching this year is upcoming… and of course, a lot of personal stuffs… It was a fun-night and the party lasted ’til about 1 am … The party coincided with the PBB Big night (where former SGV partner in Charge FAA has been doing the task of handing the envelope to Toni), so we all missed the PBB big night… but then again… we had our big night on our own…


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