After months of anticipation, I’ve finally watched Transformers with AGSB friends Grace and Alpha with her officemate Fidel… So how’d I find it??? Well, there’s more than meets the eye…

Transformers has been one of the more popular cartoon series in the 80s and early 90s… and after such a long while, they finally had a great idea in making it a movie… The anticipation was really on how these autobots and decepticons would look now with the more modern computer generated image technology… Of course, they look more cute and lovable with their old cartoon version but once you get the hang of it, they (especially the autobots) look so cool… Makes me wish that my car could transform and just walk me home… The decepticons are not as pleasing to the eyes unlike the autobots…

Anyway, the movie has its highs and lows… and it started a bit dragging at the start since these were more about the humans on Earth (no offense meant but I want to see the robots)… After an hour of the movie, it gets a bit exciting with the coming of the autobots (yehey… robots, finally!!!)… When it was now time for the autobots and decepticons saga, then it hits climax and makes the movie more interesting… At times, though it becomes confusing as to who the autobots are and who the deceptcons are… In the cartoon series, there’s a simple formula that separates the two, autobots are cars (isn’t it obvious) while the decepticons are planes… though Megatron is a robot that transforms to a gun… Overall, it was fun to watch and is still a great movie… like I said, there’s more than meets the eye…

Anyway, hope it gets a sequel, this time featuring the powerful yet lovable and a bit misguided dinobots… Of course, it wouldn’t be fair to the decepticons without their ally… the insecticons… Still stuck on the thought of having my car transform… hehe… my Honda City… transform!!! Naaah… maybe I would just look forward to more sequels from this franchise…


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