Early Bird

After several months of going to 9-7 work schedule… I decided to shift to an earlier 730 to 530 work schedule… Quite weird being an early bird this time after spending years of being the last to be in the office… Anyway, it’s still the same time zone for me… it’s just that instead of going to the gym early morning… I can go after office and be more flexible in case I need to meet up with friends at night… Though, there’s always the question of being able to leave the office as early as 530… I had been for the past few months been receiving the bulk of my work load in the late afternoon… Then it’s just a matter of wait and see… At least, I gain more leeway in the evening… Besides, the usual morning annoyance that made me decide to take a later work schedule is no more to be found… hehe…

Another reason is that things haven’t really gone my way as of late… So just wanted to make a drastic shift to somehow break off the jinx… I’m not really one of the luckiest person to start with… Though I’m still blessed in certain ways… It’s just that everything somehow always end up different from what is planned… It’s one of the reason why I’ve learned to adopt to situations and improvise… Well, if life doesn’t give you a door, then use a window… Maybe it’s getting the best of the situation and not having the situation get the best of me… Jinx or no jinx, maybe an early bird may finally catch some luck… or if not, there’s always hard work to compensate for luck…


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2 Responses to Early Bird

  1. banggigay says:

    wow naman! cge go go! suportahan taka! i know though, i can never bring myself to shift to an early bird. 🙂

  2. Franc says:

    same schedule pa rin from before the only difference is the time I go to the gym… instead of morning, early evening na…

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