FAA’s Reunite at Fernwood

FAA Babies (or at least those still in the Philippines) reunited at Fernwood Gardens for Charry’s Wedding. Jo-C (with family), Gemma (with Mario), Therry, Anna, Rita, Dorene, and me attended Charry’s wedding held last June 24. FAA wasn’t able to attend owing to a his presence in the board meeting at Punta Fuego (Boss, pasyal mo naman kami sa Punta Fuego)…

The FAA Group was a cluster in itself even before clustering in SGV… Of course, the old group was so dynamic that what seems like an ordinary day (especially during slack) might end up a fun-day at some place else… The funny thing was that this would be done in secrecy among staff, in-charges and seniors… Though the most of the Group would be stuck in common clients meeting impossible deadlines and go on sleepless for days… but those were the time…

So back to the present, had left Makati residence at about 340 pm, passing by the office to get the map and then proceeding to Fernwood and in one rare time, I wasn’t lost using my usually flawed navigational skills… Arrived at Fernwood Garden before the scheduled start at 430 pm and to my surprise, the wedding was on time, I’ve been here several times and it was the first time that the wedding was on time… hehe… So, at the wedding and the reception, there’s a lot of catching up with the rest of the FAA Group. Except for Anna, I’ve been off the loop with most of the FAA babies who attended… Anyway, it was nice to catch up and see how much our lives are much better compared before…

Aside from the unusually on-time wedding, food was great… Fernwood is also an excellent place to have a wedding… and of course, the Company of old friends and seeing them once more is definitely a must for this occasions. So… Congrats Charry on your wedding and to the rest, nice meeting you again… and there’ll be more of these getting back together stuffs… and hopefully, those now based in various places in the world would be there… looking forward to that!!!

photos available at http://franckxethee.multiply.com


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