3 on 4

Watched Fantastic Four: The Rise of the Silver Surfer yesterday with AGSB friends Grace and Alpha… Ok… We’re only 3… can’t meet the magic 4… hehe… so we’re adopting Ronald who wasn’t able to come as the fourth member but will be christened the invisible man… hehe…

On the movie… I really liked it though the little over 90 minutes time for the whole movie is a bit short compared to recent superhero flicks… though a good thing about the movie was despite not being lengthy is that it was able to explore different angles of the story… from the struggles of the group… Sue (By the way, Jessica Alba has one of the prettiest face in Hollywood) and Reed on their several times postponed wedding… till the so called entry of the silver surfer, who’s powers are so cool and so strong… and interesting role played by Dr. Doom and the choices led to a great ending…

It’s just the second day that the movie is showing so I’d rather not go into details… all I can say is that it was well fit movie though had they added another 30 minutes or more… I really won’t complain… I find part 2 better than part 1 since in the first installment it was more on the getting to know the fantastic four and now it’s more on saving the world…

Anyway, the movie season is not yet over… So it’s still movie time…


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