Ipodless… No More!!!

A few weeks after losing my Ipod… I was able to obtain a new Ipod shuffle courtesy of the free ipod shuffle in SGV friend Ruth’s laptop which I was able to buy at such a friendly price…

Still pondering if I’m gonna get another Ipod video or wait around for the new Iphone since my Ipod has been my memory bank for photos aside from being my handy source for music… I just love viewing slide shows of my adventures and misadventures plus the tons of TV series i get to watch anytime… though it’s all backed up in my laptop at home…

At the very least, I now have a trusty little Ipod shuffle that I can bring to the gym during my early morning workouts… and at the same time I can say I’m Ipodless… No More…

Btw… counting my early blogs from friendster, this is my 100th blog… Happy 100th Blog to me!!!


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4 Responses to Ipodless… No More!!!

  1. banggigay says:

    pssssssst! congrats to your 100th post and new buddy (ipod shuffle)! hoooray! ako d ko pa nakuha ipod nano kow 🙂 hahah!

  2. Franc says:

    oo nga, my cuz is asking na nga, when sya kunin… she’ll be home 3rd week of july pero tagal pa nun… hehe

  3. Hiya, stumbled here from banggi’s site. I just posted about my ipod shuffle. Perfect for working out isn’t it? Congrats. Buti ka pa may discount! 🙂

  4. Franc says:

    hi bullrunner… the ipod shuffle is more handy for work outs unlike when i still had my ipod video which was a bit bulky… though of course, given a choice i’d still prefer not losing my ipod video over the discount… but that’s part of history now… thanks for dropping by!!!

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