Worm Tail

I was suppose to blog about my recent Cambodia trip but I’ll just write a short piece about the worm that hit my laptop which proved inconvenient for me and my YM friends… Anyway, to those who were in a way bothered by those auto generated messages, my sincerest apologies.

It started with a message from my officemate who was using another work station about coolpics which I clicked and from there it went into my system planted itself on my homepage and continued sending auto generated messages… The worm proved difficult to shake as it was still in my laptop after a few scans… and I noticed that it managed to tracked my YM once online and continue stalking my messages… somehow, it managed to know when I was online and resume its annoyance…

Anyway, after a few more scans and an afternoon which I wasn’t able to use my YM… I was able to remove all the tracking cookies and the the dreaded worm… and since I was off to Angkor Wat the next day; haven’t used it since and just to be sure that the worm is eliminated, I asked our IT to check on the laptop and as for me… I’m back to my regular office computer… which at the very least is worm-free…

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