Raindrops Keep Falling on my Head


When we were a bit younger, we’d usually have ourselves doused for the first rain of May in Baguio City.  Of course, that was ages ago…  Moving on, I’m not already the Baguio resident that I’m used to; being now based in Makati due to my work… Anyway, I went to Baguio last weekend to have my mom fill up her Australian Visa application…
As I arrived in Baguio, my cousins and I were planning to go to the nearby La Union Beaches (1 hour from Baguio)… Since we were short of time and obviously due to the rainy weather, we decided against our initial plan of  going to the beach… but in a fit of childish actuation… we did something we haven’t done for quite some time… take a bath in the cold rainy drops of Baguio (FYI… we were wholesome throughout all this)… Unfortunately, after a while the rains stopped in the middle of the bath (grrr…) so we just finished up using the old reliable hose (though the water was real cold)… So we ended up drenched not by nature’s sea water but rather nature’s raindrops…  I just hope the raindrops are still as pure as before…
Not yet done with our childish ways, we decided to another favey pastime before which was skating at Camp John Hay… I think the last time I skated was probably years ago when She, Renee and Mads visited our house in Baguio…  Glad to know that we can still skate without falling despite our lack of practice… Yet… one thing I can feel after skating is that the muscle pain that comes after engaging in a highly physical activity you haven’t done for quite some time…
After skating, we went to 50s Diner, an old restaurant here with a 50-something theme, where we ate their gigantic burgers, which came with fries at a very affordable price of P68.  The good thing about this burger is that the patties are not the usual commercialized one so you’re eating quite a big chunk of meat…  Had more than what our tummies can churn and resulted for us missing dinner… Decided to end our day with a stroll around SM Baguio, which boast of a nice view of Baguio’s mountain-like terrain across its various view decks…  


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