I lost my Ipod last Sunday in Baguio City to a bunch of pickpockets… Looking back, I am over the fact that I’ve lost such a precious gadget but what saddens me is how these pickpockets have given a bad name to my beloved hometown of Baguio City… From what I heard, these are people who are not really locals but go to Baguio to take advantage of the many tourists that frequents the City during summer… I hope the City Government can crack down on these petty thieves. Baguio can’t lose tourist this way… Baguio has gone a long way from the once earthquake ravaged city in 1991 to lose its luster this way…

Anyway, I don’t really want to blog about this since it would remind me that at one rare instance that I wasn’t vigilant enough with my stuff and I got robbed… But at the very least, this misfortune is a simple reminder that we must always be vigilant against opportunistic people who’d take advantage of situations like crowded places, diverted attention and a lot more… Another way to avoid such situations is by being attentive with our things. Without victims, these people may have to consider finding proper sources of income… Hopefully, this would be my jinx and then the blessings would follow… As for the one who’s able to cash in at my misfortune, I just have one thing to say,”What goes around comes around…”


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2 Responses to Ipodless

  1. banggigay says:

    pwenship, i like the coined word “ipodless” as in!:p for people who are so used in playing their ipod, anytime of the day, parang u lost an intwgral part of ur system..and thus an ipodless! hahaha!

  2. Franc says:

    Cool Noh!!! I need to have it patented… hehehe… Ipodless… Then yung proceeds sa royalties pwedeng ipambili ng ipod… para di na ipodless… hehehe…

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