An End to A Heroic Season

Finally watched the season finale of Heroes, How to Stop an Exploding Man, and for those who haven’t watched I’ll try my best not to spoil the thrill of watching the story line unfold… I like how they summed up the season, ending it with a so called bang and made a light introduction to the next season, generations. Well, heroes emerged from those we expect would save the day and from those who made the choice to do the right thing when it counts… Can’t wait for the next season… though I do hope that some characters in peril at the seasons end would find their way back in the story lines in the next season…

I really love this series since heroes are depicted in a different light, that of ordinary people living ordinary lives but each having a unique skill or power to help save the world… Their battles are not as magnified as other high profiled superhero groups we’ve grown up with… In fact, despite their powers, they’re not your regular costumed superheroes… yet the stakes are equally high… that which can change the overall balance of the world…

So it’ll be a few months of anticipation ‘til the end of an heroic season would lead to the beginning of another heroic journey…


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