Heat Wave

Upon seeing that my electric bill has skyrocketed due to the frequent use of the airconditioning unit, it was then that I decided to use a much cheaper solution to the summer heat, an electric fan… It was then that I realized that the summer is far from over… All the while I thought that the summer heat would bid adieu due to the frequent rains as of late but apparently, the it’s still summer time… Ok time to go to the beach… Oops, I forgot I still am sunburned from Galera last week… Sure miss my hometown, Baguio City, where its much cooler…

Probably due to the heat, I googled myself some explanation and chanced upon one article in the Inquirer that Metro Manila has been hotter than usual… In fact it was about 3 degrees celsius hotter than Bulacan or Cavite… definitely, a lot more difference in Baguio… and the highly urbanized Makati City, my usual residence for the past 7-8 years, is the hottest place in Metro Manila… That makes sense… The highly urbanized atmosphere has taken its toll on the atmosphere and has caused a heat wave…

Well, I guess it’s either I get used to the skyrocketing bill or the inconvenience of the summer heat at night… Well, have to live by the best (outing, beach, etc.) and worst (high temperature) has to offer… It’s a trade off… but given a choice I’d always prefer those hot summer days than the regular rainy day… So will try to survive the heat wave… for now…


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