Gala sa Galera

In the heat of the summer time, a weekend at Puerto Galera is such a refreshing activity… Had our “Gala to Galera” getaway with SGV buddies Anna and Ruth (dami absent… though still equally fun) last weekend… Started our journey meeting at my apartment the night before taking the 3:00 am bus to Batangas and 5 am ferry to the island…

After settling done in one of the cottages and having a breakfast at the beachfront, we immediately proceeded to Tamaraw and Takurong Falls which was an hour and half away from White Beach… Didn’t stay long at Tamaraw falls since we were told that Takurong was better… and after an hour and a half ride by tricycle and another 25 minutes in a sled pulled by a Carabao… we’ve finally reached Takurong Falls… and it was such a great sight having all the falls, the rock formation and the experience of going up through all the levels of the falls and really getting in touch with nature (Interestingly, I managed to reach the top despite my slippery havianas flip flops)… The long ride was worth… The locals were so friendly and even helped us navigate the place… After all the trekking, we had a fresh buko juice and had a dip at the tip of the falls before heading back to the beach again…

We’ve reached white beach at around 4 pm and had our very late lunch at 5 pm… and after me having Henna tattoo and Ruth and Anna walking around the island and watching the sun set, we decided to go back to the cottage to rest a bit… which probably due to the exhausting day lasted more than we expected, sleeping past the time we’d want to go back out and enjoy the night life… Anyway, at least we’d have our energy reserved for the next day…

After breakfast the next day, we proceeded to snorkling and appreciating the marine life and the corals in the different islands… The coral garden was breathtaking and to add to the unique experience (at least for me since Anna and Ruth have frequented Coron in Palawan), we also took part in fish feeding… Snorkling lasted a full three hours and the boat ride to and from the different islands was refreshing as well…

By the time, snorkling was over, we had summer’s favorite “halo halo” before having another round of swimming and touring the island… After a while, we decided to fix our stuff and freshen up for our upcoming 430 pm return trip back to Manila… After lunch, we were all set to go back… It was a long trip reaching Batangas shore line at 630 pm and being able to reach home before 9 pm… and of course, the obvious part of the story is after an exhausting weekend getaway, there’s a lot of sleep to catch up and energy to recover… good thing was that there’s no work the next day – election day…

All good things come to an end, they say… but there’s always a chance to gather around, meet up and start a lot more good things (or getaways rather)… =>


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