After a Long Day…

It’s been a long day… with me starting early since we had to leave for Bataan to meet with our bankers… for a plant tour and at the same time, meeting… I’m up a blip past 6 and was at the office by 7, where we took of to our trip to Bataan, which lasted more than 3 hours due to several road works (quite interesting that some roads, which seems ok are being done again… what a coincidence.. hmm… election time)… A good thing though was I now know how to go to Subic by car…

The tour has been more of routine as of late, owing to similar presentations made in the past… and then came lunch which came with a meeting… Anyway, food was great… Ironically, the meat I dubbed as ‘sinunog’ instead of ‘inihaw’ (since it looked more burnt than normal) was great, coupled with shrimps, fish, vegetables and ripe mangoes… yum yum… Owing to the physical stress of walking and moving from one plant to another… I did have much to eat…

Left at 2 pm and was met by terrible traffic (too many people campaigning since it was the last day of the campaign period before Monday’s election… there goes another reason why I won’t cast my vote tomorrow. Imagine, at 5:30 pm, we were still in Pampanga, luckily, we were able to spot a branch of Razon’s and had some Halo Halo, Dinuguan and Palabok… Halo Halo and Palabok is Razon’s specialty… Their Halo Halo is a bit different, with just few ingredients yet uniquely delicious…

Then resumed the long way back and took till 8 pm in reaching the office… Traffic… traffic and lots of traffic… and now after another long day I await for my friends for our outing tomorrow since We’d be departing from my house early… but that my friend is something reserved for in another blog…


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