Seasons’ Finale Galore

It’s a time for anticipation for some people watching several US based TV series as some are reaching its season finale…

Season 6 of Smallville is down to its last two episodes, Prototype and Phantom, which leads to a battle between the young Clark Kent and the edgier version of Lex Luthor… aside from stopping Lex’s growing thirst for power, Clark also looks to regain the love for the gorgeous Lana Lang… Of course, knowing the past Smallville, it’ll definitely leave so many question that you’d wish for the next season to start…

Season 3 of Desperate Housewives is also down to its last two episodes, What Would We Do Without You and Getting Married today, which as the current story line goes several weddings for key parts of the cast and might as well start building up the plot for the new season…

The first season of Heroes is also two episodes from calling it a season, Landslide and How to Stop an Exploding Man, which has build up to on the explosion in New York City. Before, it was teased that Peter would explode but as things may change, it could also be Sylar (If he steals Ted’s power) or Ted, who has the power to generate nuclear energy. An interesting plotline is also how the heroes converge in New York City; and how Sylar would end up. Since, it’s quite an exciting first season, things will definitely be explosive leading to the main story line to the next season…

Despite all the endings, I guess, there’s still one series that I have been watching that won’t end yet and that’s HBO’s Entourage, whose main plotline involves the life of a promising young hollywood actor, Vincent Chase and his cohorts in all the fun and mischief, Eric, Drama and Turtle. The best part about Entourage is some of the hollywood stars appear as themselves since it’s a series about stars.

It’ll be an interesting next few weeks and will probably get all the free time I can to catch the heart-beat stopping season finale for these series…


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