Spidey 3… At last!!!

I realized that I was quite late in watching Spidey 3 when one of my officemates who rarely watches movies told me that his family is watching Spiderman 3 last Friday… Fortunately, my time to watch didn’t last that long… having the chance to watch the movie last Sunday with SGV Friends Anna and Ruth… Actually, should have watched it on opening day, May 1, but series of events have moved my time for Spidey 3 At least, a had a chance for a haircut and spa last May 1…

One thing I learned from the postponement was sureseats.com can be a reliable movie ally. Imagine having booked and cancelled several times already and when I got our tickets I was able to get the ticket with no reservation fees… It sure beats queuing at the mall…

Anyway, back to our featured presentation… watched the movie early Sunday since Ruth still had to be in Ortigas at 3 pm… I don’t know if I’m just late in watching the movie or it was just real early that day since there were only few people in the Cinema… It’s the biggest Spiderman movie to date in terms of the plot lines and villains in the story… having to confront the new goblin, sandman and venom, all in the same movie… Come to think of it, Spidey does have a lot of enemies even in the comic book story lines…

Spiderman 3 ushers in 2007 big-time movie season with several upcoming movies in the pipeline… Shrek, Pirates of the Carribean, The Simpsons, Transformers, Harry Potter and Fantastic Four… all in the next few months… I also haven’t been a frequent movie goer in the past few years… but in the next few months… I bet I’ll be spending more time in front of the movie screen…


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