Baptism of Fire and a Great Deal of it…

Going into my first AGM under my new designation… there was a lot of tumultuous times that came along the way… Of course, a promotion is a promotion but with it comes a great deal of responsibility… There’s so much to do last week so had to adjust in such a short span of time… plus add to the fact that I still have to cover my previous responsibilities since I really haven’t even advertise to hire someone to do those stuff… to compound my woes was a network downtime for our oracle system that delayed the reports…

Yesterday was a busy day for me during our AGM in Singapore, being the lead presenter for the Company’s financials (previously, I only had a voice when consulted on several IFRS issues)… A bit jittery at start (I always am) but in the long-run I became more comfortable and effective as well, even if I had so little time to analyze the numbers… Quite relieved that at the toughest of circumstances, we were still able to present a decent yet concise report… And luck finally did catch up with not much queries made by the shareholders…

Went to the Singapore Museum of the Arts later that day with some colleagues… wherein there was a unique tour of Singapore’s culture though it became a bit dragging owing to a very lengthy narration and of course, fatigue was catching up as well from several overtime as of late… Went to Chinatown to buy some souvenirs and did a lost in the city routine by deciding to walk back to the hotel instead… a quite a long walk really… Rested for awhile and after talking to some of my friends who are now based in Singapore decided to go down to the bar and joined our Group auditors…

Started the day early today with a marathon of meetings, with bankers, potential business contacts and financial media… Finally, I volunteered to join in checking out possible office spaces for our Singapore office (so I’ll know which place to crash whenever I’m here)… and now I rest for the mean time but will be going to ministry of sound with colleagues and spending my weekend here with friends before I go back home on Monday… Quite a great deal to manage but I’m glad it’s over and now from work mode, I return to my regular mode – vacation mode… =>


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