Sporty Weekend in Tagaytay!!!

On a tail end of an exhausting week (gimmick related… hehe…), comes our Company outing in Tagaytay Country Hotel… Since I brought a car, we (Boboy and Joth) left earlier than the Company bus – leaving Makati office at 8 am… Ms. Del joined us in Cavite… and since we were the early birds, we decided to go to Tagaytay Zoo before going to the hotel…
It’s a real close encounter at the Zoo and I even had a picture feeding a tiger cub… Again, no animals were harmed in this shoot… The Zoo was a bit small though there’s a bigger version in Mendez, Cavite… The good part about this is that you are real close to the animals here and the scenery is nice overlooking Taal Volcano…
We were still early for the check in time which is 2 pm so we had our lunch at Josephine’s… yum yum… buffet at P290 and the food was great and as expected we ate a lot (I guess I have to shy away from weighing scales for the mean time)…
Finally proceeded to Tagaytay Country Hotel and arrived before our other colleagues arrived so we had a few rounds of bowling… The rest who took the bus arrived shortly… After a few rounds of bowling, we then went to shoot some hoops (real tiring since the court was open under the scorching heat)… After a few games of basketball (we won)… we decided to join the others in badminton where we played again (and won again) a full game… We then took a breather at the nearby Mc Donalds then it was bowling time again…
It’s been an exhausting day so far, driving the whole morning and playing bowling, basketball and badminton the whole time… so after dinner, I decided to have a soothing and relaxing time at their Spa Facilities (due to the physical activities throughout the day, I guess a Spa treatment would be a best fit)… I had bio spa, which removes bad toxins in the body and a soothing aromatheraphy massage…
By the time the massage was over, some were having a great time in the videoke room so drop by there for a while then went to my room… A few minutes later, we (me, Allan and Joth) were off to Hapagkainan, which is just a few minutes away from the hotel for a warm meal of Bulalo… When we got back, sleep finally caught up.
We left Tagaytay earlier than the others (7 am) the next day and since it was early, traffic was light and we arrived in Manila in just little over an hour… Upon reaching home, it was a full-day rest time (something I haven’t really done since January) and now, I finally feel the effects of a sporty weekend in Tagaytay… low on energy and high on body pain… hehe…

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