Zoo’s there?

Taipei zoo consist of 165 hectares with 90 hectare viewable to the public (so that’s the reason why my legs are so sore… been walking along 90 hectare area) and boast of a combination of museum that features information of animals even way back during the Jingsaur era (Dinosaur pala… hehe… sowee Jing) a zoo featuring a variety from nocturnal animals, reptiles, birds, and various mammals from Asia, Australia, Africa and the rest of the world.

Taipei Zoo was our first stop for the day, which is accessible via MRT so coming from our hotel in Yong He City, we took the MRT from Dingxi station then transferred to the Bannan Line and eventual transferred to the Taipei Zoo Line (it’s more simple, once you get the dynamics of the MRT… hehe). The entrance is very reasonable at just NTD60 (around P100) for a zoo that boast a variety of species and at such a wide area.

The zoo is divided into several areas such as for nocturnal, asian tropical rain forrest, australian, temperate zone, desert and african animals. It also houses an education center, insectarium, amphibian and reptile house, bird world, penguin and koala house and a wetland park. Navigating the zoo is quite an arduous task but being in touch with nature and appreciating wild life makes it a bit easier. Anyhow, there’s also a shuttle train that moves around the zoo but, again nothing beats roaming around up close with the different creatures and scenery. But once you’ve reached the top and have seen all the park has to offer, it’s best to take the shuttle bus to the main entrance as you’d be too tired by then…. just like we did.
Moving forward, the zoo and its vicinity would be having cable cars connected to the different mountains in Taipei for visitors additional viewing experience. It was my third time at the zoo, and I’m still amazed at the variety of the creatures in the zoo… so Zoo’s there??? A whole lot of animals that would make it an experience worth remembering… Zoo be it… hehe.

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