Breaking Point

I’ve always made it a habit to finish early… In fact even when I used to handle several clients back in audit, I can count the time when I was rushing in the heat of the busy season… I’ve always been an early bird in getting the job done though I had rough patches of buzzer beating deadlines which is somehow a test of character and wits… That’s the situation I’m always at during Annual Report period for Medtecs with a fixed deadline and so many surprises has somehow made a master out of me in crisis management and risk management…
The past few days has been real tough and probably has almost made me hit breaking point – the point you’d want to give up and just leave… Yet somehow, there’s always a fighter in me that never gives up and always find a creative approach in coming up with solutions and managing heartbeat stopping moments… No matter how used you are to these situations, it’s always becomes tension-filled and stress-ridden especially if you have a passion on never failing…
Probably, one peculiarity in me is that I’d rarely throw a tantrum or show I’m affected by the situation but there will be always a time in a year that everything would take its toll and make me erratic and unreasonable… I guess even people close to me would be surprised when I go on this erratic spells… but probably that’s a way in maintaining balance… someway or somehow, you have to vent out some emotions, good or bad… it’s healthier and makes you human…
In as much as the difficult part was over, I went for a walk here in Taipei just to shake of the tension… had coffee at Starbucks… tried local delicacies at the night market and somehow, got lost in the process… I really got lost since I went to deep to the night market and ended up in a different street… It’s been a common thing for me to get lost anywhere I travel but somehow I always find a way to get back… and at the very least, I may not have exclaimed how much the past few days took its toll on me, but a leisurely walk has made me a ease all the stressful moments the past few days… and also, that’s the wonder of blogging… it gives you another outlet to channel your emotions….

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