Saisaki DInner with Mark, Mads and Donald

For the third straight day, I was able to sneak in another dinner with friends outside of a busy work schedule… Had dinner at Saisaki with Mark, Mads and Donald for a lot of reason… for one another birthday celebration for me… another for Mark’s arrival from London (he arrived hours after my Saturday celebration and for Mads despidida to St. Maartens (Wherever that is?… hehe…) Of course, I had to leave early the next day for my trip to Taipei…
Had so many things to celebrate… so little time… and yet still another get together… Of course, gone were the times that we’d have She (now in Cayman) and Jay Anne (now in New York) would form part of the celebration… and soon Mads would also miss this mini celebration… I always say this when people leave that it’s a small world… and a interconnected one at that… so there’s always ways and means to communicate… and that’s how I always projected myself… someone you won’t really miss because I’m always around… an email… a phone call… a text… a chat or friendster message or just a blog away…
The festivities were short-lived but I’m happy for myself and the rest… for Mads who now can seize the overseas opportunity she’d long for… for Mark who have experienced a fraction of his life living in Europe and its laid back culture and lavish lifestyle (a lifestyle I too once experienced… albeit a different Country… Mark – London, Me – Paris)… and for Donald who can look forward to all the opportunities that life in or outside of SGV has to offer… For Jay Anne and She who has now reaped the joys of being immersed in a different culture and locality…
Bittersweet as it is… It’s great to see send off now… since you’re seeing friends move on to greener pastures… and have the comfort that they’ll always be your friend no matter the time, the place but there’s always boxful of memories you can hold on to… and life always goes on…
Back to the dinner… Saisaki’s an all you can eat restaurant so it’s quite obvious that we’d ended up very much nourished… hehe… Had to end the festivities early since I had to pack my things for my trip to Taiwan the next day… and have a whole lot of sleep to catch up to as well…


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