An Arra Dinner with Sharon and FAA

Just as I thought all the celebration relating to my Birthday is over… we still manage to squeeze one more this time with Sharon and FAA who wasn’t able to attend last weekend’s celebration… This time, the venue was a Korean Restaurant, Arra, located at Malugay in Makati…
It was a different cuisine with combination of meat, vegetable, rice eaten taco style in a lettuce leaf… which is a healthier and at the same time delicious… hehe… though I don’t have a very discerning taste in food really…
It was also a mini send off for Me and Sharon, who’d be going on separate out-of-the country business trips for our respective companies… as an added bonus, Sharon’s baby Yohannce came along (or rather dragged along) to pick up Sharon… Yohannce has been sick lately and a lot thinner from the last time I saw her last year… Hope she gets well soon…
Another night and another dinner… come to think of it, I really need to hit the gym tomorrow morning as I’ve also had a full dinner yesterday at the Old Spaghetti house with AGSB friend, Grace… or else, I might start gaining additional pounds amidst all the festivities… Though I guess, It’ll be a lot less food for me in Taipei owing to difficulty in ordering food in most Chinese Restaurants there… hehe… really need to start learning Mandarin… but I’d rather catch the gym first tom… hehe…

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