A Burgoo Dinner with SGV Friends

For the last part of my birthday bash… I had dinner at Burgoo Rockwell with SGV Friends… As expected, there were only few friends who made it… Donald, Ruth, Carol with Jason… Thanks for coming… Among those who missed the event was Sharon who was with a flu-stricken Baby Yohannce (Get well soon Yohannce!!!)… FAA who attended a wedding that day (FAA’s always a ninong at weddings), Anna (business related)… Madz (National Artist related)… and Macoy who begged off at the last minute…

Anyway, still have to make the most of the day and the food we had to eat… hehe… We all had a lot to eat since there were only so few who attended… No time was wasted though as we spent a lot of time chatting about vacation (always a favorite topic with ace bakasyonista around), career plans and developments (to leave or not to leave, that is the question), driving (with co-newbie driver Carol) and so on… and as such, we failed to notice that we’ve been at Burgoo for more than three hours… hehe… No worries though, as they have a bit high end price for food and service charge… At the very least, we might as well maximize the eating time… hehe…
So the festivities related to my birthday have ended… and it’s back to those regular days again… Well, just have to be creative to make each moment fun and exciting I guess… Anyway, just wanted to thank all my well wishers who remembered my birthday… I really appreciated every text message, friendster message and greeting I received from family, friends and whoever took some time off to send a message on my birthday… Thanks really, from the bottom of my heart… and ’til next year again folks…

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