Another Birthday Bash with Medtecs Finance and SGV

Managed to sneak in another birthday celebration at Dencio’s this lunch with Medtecs finance and SGV Audit team… Technically, it wasn’t really my celebration but more of a post financial result announcement lunch with auditors but we timed it to coincide with my Birthday… sa wahlah… another celebration in the books…
Anyway, quite a heavy meal for all of us… since we did order a lot… and in one rare opportunity, we were able to have the SGV audit team big bosses this time… MFG, Peps and ASS… Well, it was also some sort of despidida for our controller who’s leaving at the end of the month… No comment on this part but if you’re one of my close friend you’d know how I’d react over this departure…. hehe…
Though the audit is not yet over… hopefully we were able to gather up enough momentun to finish ahead of time… and that I guess is wishful thinking… probably on time should do… hehe… but I do hope I get some sleep when I do get to finalize the annual report in Taiwan in the next few weeks… unlike last year when I rarely had the chance to enjoy the comfort of my hotel room… Though it was a crash course in crisis management…Since what happened last year, proof reading Annual Report in Taiwan is not something I look forward to but as they say… a job is a job and somebody has to do it… and I guess that somebody is me…

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