Advance Birthday Bash at Baguio City

Had an advance birthday celebration last Saturday in Baguio with my family… Preparation was hush hush and short notice… The afternoon before the party… Each time, I go home to Baguio, it’s almost always last minute decisions since someway or somehow, something always gets in the way… But after meeting my deadline, I guess it was time to feel the chill of the cool Baguio climate once again and at the same time celebrating in advance my birthday; as well as, catching the tail end of the Penagbenga (flower festival) celebration… Ahh… forget about the Penagbenga celebration since except for a short stroll in Session Road and a glance at a car show in SM Baguio, I wasn’t able to witness much of the festival…

Arriving early morning at Saturday, I attended to the first order of business, which was to catch some sleep… hehe… The whole afternoon was spent on buying and preparing food for the party… The party was simple but it was really the joy of celebrating with your family and relatives… The party was a simple dinner and everybody was full and satisfied after… Of course, the guest list is small since most of my relative is scattered around the world…

I’ve never written anything about Baguio without a tinge of nostalgia as I’ve spent my first 21 years living in the country’s summer capital… fully immersed in the simple lifestyle and low cost of living here… More on nostalgia… I’ve spent my lunch last Sunday at one of our favorite eating places, Marosans, which is now conveniently located a few blocks from our house… Their pork chop fried rice is timeless, which provides you with a scrumptious and affordable meal… I guess s420 people can attest to this…

After another round of afternoon sleep… hehe… We went to John Hay with my Cousins to see what’s new there… Not much really but the skating rink is back… I miss skating… and the recreation area known as Scout Hill is now half occupied by fully developed log homes… So much for the John Hay of old… Anyway, we wrapped up the day with a round of coffee at one of the new coffee houses in John Hay…

And in a few hours… it was my trip back to Makati… to end a short yet relaxing vacation at home in Baguio… and now, it’s back to business… once again…


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