First Lap Over

It’s quite refreshing that the board meeting is finally over … It’s the end of the first lap on way to finishing my busy days at work… A bit funny though that I go to a period of hibernation during busy times… The first few months of the year has always been a busy period for those involved in accounting or audit going towards the tax deadline… Probably CPAs is a part of those who’d hibernate during the winter but unlike other animals who await Spring… CPAs are there toiling at work awaiting the end of the busy days… The good part is that these busy periods for me now just last for one to two months compared to more than four months when I was still in audit…

So much for the litany, I’m gering up for the last lap… mixed emotions though since there are some good developments in my life as of late yet if some of this developments pushes through, I’ll be making some major decisions soon… at least, it’s choosing at the best opportunity for me in the long run… and worst comes to worst, i’ll still be in a very strategic position… You probably will never lose if you always try to make the best of what you got…

So much for the additional litany… hehe… Sorry have to unload some emotions before I make my last dash to the finish line… and continue traversing in this marathon called life…

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