Eye’m Back!!!

Finally, my over a week ordeal of wearing glasses is over as I was able to get my new contacts today… It’s not that accessible or affordable as an ordinary set of contact lenses since mine are toric lenses for my nearsightedness… I’m not really used to having long periods of wearing glasses and I’m a bit irritated with the spectacles hanging in my face… which started over a week ago when I noticed that there is a slight tear in my lenses which would render the contacts useless…

Of course, having been able to wear glasses since high school… I never thought that over a week with glasses would be such a difficult situation… It’s been quite difficult maintaining focus with my glasses sliding from my face… smudginess at times. not to mention the drops of perspiration when I’m at the gym… and there’s another factor of projecting a nerdy look… though my glasses are not that nerdy in appearance being half rimmed and having ultra thin lenses… Then there’s a bit crankiness in me though I never made it appear that way to others… but of course, If I had only enunciated my thoughts, I’d be a very mean person this week…

Now, I’m now back to wearing contacts and at least, I am now feel more comfortable driving, working and doing about everything… and most of all, my droopy eyes are awake once again… and that’s such a rare look my eyes project owing to the fact that I own a set of eyes that looks like I just woke up having several folds in my eyelids… At least, Eye’m back!!!


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