Tick Tock… The Clock is Ticking Too Fast

January has just swept by…. leading me closer to my reporting deadline… It’s not really the busy days I’m afraid of (after all, I’ve had busier days back in Audit)… but the level of stress I need to manage…


I’m on my fourth year doing Medtecs Annual Report and yet every year it always seems different in terms of level of difficulty…  convertible bonds… ESOS… derivatives… syndication loan covenants… dilution… impairment… IFRS… quite a long list if I continue…  The only good part about it is I’m always up-to-date with the latest in accounting developments…


One thing I’ve surely developed here is crisis management (if there ever was such a term)… meaning managing situations and problems which was never part of the plan….  Apparently, planning and execution is half of the battle and the other half is how we react…  The best strategy is not always executing the plan but remaining on target even if things get awry…


I hope these stressful days won’t lead to “Francky” getting cranky… but if it must then I just hope people would be patient enough to understand…  The best part is that in a few weeks, it’ll be over and I get a chance to plot out my next few steps… towards the next thousands of miles… and minutes of time…


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2 Responses to Tick Tock… The Clock is Ticking Too Fast

  1. rondz says:

    syax.. i remember those ifrs days.. hope everythings well. i miss the cranky controller though.. hehe deadline’s fast approaching and i hope everything will work out fine! ur best naman in time mgt and of course ur boss is the best according to him!

  2. Franc says:

    yeah right… the boss is the bigger part of the problem… hehe… the work is easy…

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