Lost in Caloocan Adventure

Went to Caloocan last Saturday together with some AGSB friends for Jan’s birthday… Going there was half as exciting as the party itself since we went convoy plus factor in the traffic in Edsa plus the intricacies of following Jan’s Map… we did manage to go there on time without being lost though some were not as fortunate… hehe… Mascy and Diane…

Quite a large turnout considering the location… the company was great… the stories (as well as food and drinks) were over flowing… controversial tales (hehe) were as early as the start of MBA ’til the recent Bora trip of most of the group… things were quite interesting that we lasted for hours without music… 

It was a fun night and it was a welcome break for me from the monotony of work (busy season… grr…)… and it was great seeing friends once in a while… called it a night at past two a.m…. and off we went to explore our way back to the main roads of Edsa…

Funny thing though… probably took the convoy thing too seriously as on our way home, I still took Blue’s way though he was going to Q.C. and me going to Makati… it was a good thing that I called Blue and MJ to check the direction… and found my way back to Edsa… At least, I got to learn another way back to Makati… hehe… Checked in at home quarter before three and it was time to take a well deserved rest…


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