The Last of the Auditors

Had dinner last night with Donald and Mads for Donald’s belated birthday celebration at Una Mas… Food was great… It was buffet… so eat as much as you want… which we did…

The odd part was the number of SGV friends dwindles with every gathering (=<… and it's not the busy season this time… it's because of the exodus of ex-SGVeans to take on global opportunities… The Experienced CPA Auditor is now an endangered breed in the Philippines… though I think this would benefit remaining CPAs in the long run… Why??? It's a simple case of supply and demand… When supply is low or demand is high, then price goes up(so should salaries)…

The remaining CPAs can now relate to how Luke Skywalker felt being the last Jedi in Starwars… In their case, the last CPA/Auditors… and it probably is tougher case for those who remained in audit… as the average age of the employees is now at a lower number… lots of young bloods and quite a few high bloods (hehe)…

It’s a global market… and the door is wide open… and on the next birthday (probably mine, March 9) or celebration, the question on who’s still around… well, your guess is as good as mine…


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