Finally was able to watch the complete Justice Episode of Smallville via YouTube. It’s quite a casting coup since it joins together Smallville’s Clark Kent (Boy Scout), Green Arrow, Aquaman, Flash/Impulse and Cyborg in a mission to stop Lex Luthor’s project level 33.1, which was Lex way of building an Army of Super humans. Even Chloe gets a cool code name, watchtower for being the one who oversees the whole operation.

Of course, the plot line have not been as big as this… the evil Lex is now more evident though the series still tries to show his human side with his love affair with the beautiful Lana Lang… Superheroes join forces to face a big mission which shows a preview of the Justice League… Clark, finally getting and accepting help from others… and Green Arrow getting to accept that a lot more things like saving the world are more important than what he wants and what he loves (Lois)…

It’s quite amazing how they were able to cram up the episode in just 40+ minutes with each hero having equal exposure yet still appears to piece in every detail in the story… At the end of the story, the four heroes leave to deal with other Level 33.1 projects around the world… and Clark stays to deal with the Zoners and obviously since smallville revolves around the Younger version of Clark Kent… For the Justice League… Like what Green Arrow says to cap the episode, this not the end, it is just beginning…


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