A Sickly Start for the New Year

It’s day 4 now coming into the New Year and I’ve had a bad case of colds and slightly inflamed tonsils owing to a very windy and slightly rainy new year celebration I had in Baguio… though I feel slightly better now… being able to conduct my first work out during the year this morning at the gym (mostly cardio)… Actually, I did try to work out yesterday but arrived too late at the gym to conduct a decent workout before going to work…

It’s quite a rare for me to start the year at sick bay… with me always looking forward to a fresh start… but I’ll be healthier shortly since it’ll be a busy next three months… the new year also ushers in the peak of my work schedule (at least, I don’t have to school to worry about this time)… Well, busy months are part of my work life…

At least, there’s always something to look forward to… Penagbenga (Flower Festival) in Baguio this February…birthday in March (no celebrations for me this year though)… a lot of foreign travel in March and April… and by the time summer comes… the tough times are over…

I’m really out of sync, I started blogging about a sick start and I’ve managed to push my topic a few months ahead… Well, that’s another thing to look forward to… good health… and better times…


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