Windy New Year Bang

New Year’s Eve Mass was a bit early this year at 8 pm so starting 9 pm… it was a long wait for the crossing over of a new year… that’s a lot longer since we only have a few firecrackers to spare… the good thing was the neighbors came prepared for this one…
I always am in the opinion that year by year… the bang that comes with the new year has deteriorated… so far a change, this year’s welcome came with a much louder bang than in the past few years… it also came with the cold Baguio weather and a strong breeze that made our fountains go sideways instead of an upward direction… The wind also made lighting simple firecrackers…
It was all silent ’til about 11:30 pm when the firecrackers in our neighborhood went into full blast… so despite our few firecrackers… we still had a strong welcome for the year… the exploding sound of a firework… the light show coming from various fountains which was highlighted by the dark sky… and the various shouting and sounds paved way for the new year…
It was just 12:15 am into the new year when the fireworks started to slow down… probably tougher times have made the shift to a new year swift and strong… of course, during better times, the fireworks would last hours but it’s always the quality of celebration that counts… A new year… a new hope and a new beginning… so wishing you all a blessed year ahead…

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