The Year of the Franc

On the eve of a new year, there are always two things that one does… One is to look back and the next is looking forward… Looking back, we’d want to see how the passing year was and looking forward we’d like to see what we’d want going into the new year…

Looking back… I’ve been so blessed this year… An MBA degree with a silver medal award to go with it from Ateneo Graduate School of Business… A new position at work… A new car… A lot of out of the country travel… good friends… great company… and a much better life… 2006 has been definitely a milestone year for me…

Looking forward… lots of pleasant surprises (I just appreciate when people go out of their way to surprise you)… lots of travel (I still want to continue exploring the world)… friendship (Hanging out and keeping in touch with friends is always a must for me)… Love… Success… and a lot of happy moments that would last a lifetime… I hope 2007 will mean a lot more…

Resolutions for the year of the pig… the first of which is not to be one (more gym, less rice, chocolates and sweets)… More time enjoying what life has to offer… and continue doing my fair share in making the world turn in the right direction… we all ought to…

Happy New Year to all!!!


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