Christmas in Baguio

Spent the Christmas in Baguio… and Christmas was a bit fun this year compared to last year… as there were several more activities in line… had a round of singing that night after the regular gift giving… the fun started when I had to tease those who don’t want to sing but eventually was swayed into singing after all those prodding… Also, Yvan of PDA who happens to be my neighbor in Baguio also dropped by…

Finally went out early this evening to take a peak at the various Christmas decors in Baguio… There’s the giant Christmas tree at the circle near the post office… There are the lighted flower decors across the main streets of Baguio… There’s the famous Baguio Cathedral with a lighted tree backdrop… There’s another tree on the foot of session road… Of course, you get an excellent peak of the whole City at the various view decks in SM…

I’ve always seen Baguio as having vibrant structures compared to other cities… Its first flyover is designed with a Pine inspired theme… It has well-lighted overpass, which comes in so many letter (I, L, U)… There are the golf courses in John Hay and Country Club… The picturesque views of Mines View, Tam Awan Village and Botanical Garden… and a lot more…

Too bad, the plan to place a facility similar to Snow City was put on hold… It could have been a white Christmas in the city of Pines… Well, there’s always next year… My fingers are crossed…


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