Merry Christmas to all

It’s about 14 to 15 degrees here in Baguio… It sure beats the temperature of my air-conditioned unit in Makati… Anyway, just woke up after arriving this morning from a six hour bus ride from Manila early today…

Waking up late and just staying home has been a common way to spend my time in Baguio already… though a slight difference from today is that in a few hours it’ll be Christmas…

Of course, I’m not expecting any gifts at all since we have a rule here that once you start working, you also are not entitled to gifts from the older generation anymore… instead it’s your turn to give back… (Weird rule huh!)… Hmmm… Christmas is a time for giving anyway… Part of the joy of giving is that you get to realize that deep inside your tight budget, you still can dole out some funds for gifts…

This year is quite different though… before, I could afford to shower myself with gifts… now I have to prioritize the amortization of my car loan… Maybe I should just consider the car as my Christmas gift to myself… yeah… it’s also my birthday gift… for the next four years… hehe…

Well… Christmas would not be the same without all the greetings… So, I just want to greet everyone, “a Blessed and Merry Christmas and Prosperous New Year… I hope that your holidays maybe filled with love, joy and peace for all of you and your loved ones… Have fun!!!”


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