Christmas in Makati

In my previous Inkblogs, I took some snapshot of Christmas in Hong Kong… I just deemed it fit that I also take a peek at Christmas in Makati City… So armed with a camera… I went around Ayala Ave. and took some pics (hmm… come to think of it, I haven’t been to Ayala Ave. at night lately since I usually take Buendia on my way home)…

Christmas in Makati always seemed like a light show with each building and street corner having bright lights and Christmas decor… The decorations this year even at malls pale in comparison to previous years… Probably the tough times has dampened the spirit a bit but even still… Christmas has strong bright glow in Makati… a brighter glow provided by a nation who’d always choose to have a “Merry Christmas…”

The celebrations and the decors may not be as vibrant as before… Gifts may not be as bountiful as before…. Parties may not be as extravagant as before… but I guess as long as we take a moment of our time and remember the joyous things associated with Christmas – Christ birth, the spirit of giving, the carols, the time and the celebration shared with family and friends… then Christmas is here to stay…

Anyway, I will be spending Christmas in my hometown in Baguio… the cool weather… the family and friends… I can’t wait to be home and celebrate the peak of the yuletide season…


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